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The Millan Hotel (Fangzhiyuan) (Xiamen Meilun Fangzhiyuan Jiuidan) is conveniently located in the heart of Xiamen,  a short walk from the bustling pedestrian food street Zhongshan Road,  where a wide variety of local specialties can be sampled. The hotel is just a 10-minute drive from Xiamen Railway Station and a 20-minute drive from Xiamen Gaoqi International Airport.Guests can enjoy breakfast at the hotel as well as free Wi-Fi...[View Detail]

住客评论 12329条评论     4.3分/5分 更多
  • stone_you
    Convenient, very close to the pedestrian street of Zhongshan Road! environment not bad!
  • najlepsi
    Overall good value for money.
  • donlv
    Service, breakfast, location matters!
  • pioneerpp
    Really inexpensive! just a 10-minute walk to Zhongshan Road! bus! 1 starting from the airport costs more deserve it!
  • glambition
    Nice ... customer service is very good. peripheral is gulangyu, snack Street. very good
  • antiono
    Location and environment are also good. prices fall within the acceptable range.
  • BMWX7
    Hotel is convenient, there is seafood stall behind Hotel, Zhongshan Road is a few minutes away. Although the hotel is not too good, but the central location, the price is in doubt, and price is very high, would still continue to stay next time!
  • DunDun628
    Good service is good
  • lxm736331514
    Very attentive at the front desk, health is very good, less than 1 km from Zhongshan Road shopping street, convenient.
  • fty2008
    Very good location, just next to the BRT, and near Zhongshan Road, Wade every day is easy. room facilities very good.
  • lina524082810
    Good, convenient, eat shop within walking distance
  • lldjuer
    Also good location Zhongshan Road shopping and convenient to many great attractions by bus
  • ponpon_yun
    Toilet can be, rooms have Windows, but very small, very quiet, the only downside is the small room l, two people can do it, we don't have much luggage, travel is convenient, the traffic is very convenient, can also thank you
  • anita1227
    In order to find surprises.
  • liuyue7827
    Very comfortable, nice, service patient warm, 6/f, rest better, breakfast great
  • beanguo
    Attitude is a very good morning, uncle restaurant security guard politely. room was so-so, almost all the Windows within Windows
  • Linda Pang
    Nice hotel with best live on the third floor, evening public terrace. two traffic lights from Zhongshan Street
  • e02750621
    Room is too noisy
  • gaoyu96
    Location the environment is also good
  • ilovelee1314
    Great location convenient, ex-gratia room a bit small
  • narcis
    Our room is a room with no Windows, and small, sound is also very good, people can hear sounds outside, toilet outlet has been giving off a bad smell, perhaps this room is OK, very bad service can
  • ceciting
    Room was very noisy, almost opaque Windows, don't consider living in the future.
  • BILL618
    Hotel location is good, away from Zhongshan Road is near, walk more than 10 minutes's, we this with children, set of elegant big bed room, room not is big, health conditions good, clean of, room in also has around attractions route tips, hotel has clothes of balcony, clothes second tianquan dry, special convenient, breakfast also is good, than General shortcut that good many, check out day because children to NAP, proposed delay one hours check out, also agreed has, is human, is good, nextAnother words will live!
  • sunnnysmile2012
  • PRC Travel
    Hotel is very easy, and is surrounded by shopping malls, mountain in the distance, walking very convenient, relaxing, very good choice that children ... ...
  • candygmj
  • ardy527
    Environment, and facilities for older, poor soundproofing. transportation is convenient.
  • raye_xin
    Convenient bus station, near Zhongshan Road, near from the ferry staff enthusiastic. the room is small.
  • fuyun284246358
    Hotel price offers, off-season's are in promotions, around environment is good, away from Zhongshan Street ferry, gulangyu, Xiamen University these non-to not of attractions are is near, around of food and snacks special special of many, to has night hotel a out more is a whole article of night market big row document, not worry eating, as long as fear fat, room health clean, facilities does like other guest said of kind of old, service also is good, also help we called has drops drops, peak taxi does bad playing. XiamenTaxis refusing hire rate is also very high, are worth recommending to the general store.
  • angpeu
    Breakfast was also very good, although not very big, but things up just in time, and waiter were very friendly. affordable, good surroundings, from Zhongshan Street ferry these attractions are very close, and praise one!
  • ndgemm
    Yes, poor Wi-Fi, Soundproofed
  • dangts
    High performance-price ratio
  • e01403902
    It feels good, the service is in place, like
  • xu_miin
    A good environment, because on gulangyu Island, across the middle of the day, down from gulangyu to continue staying in
  • Leo (Shanghai)
    Hotel facilities is very good, very quiet, for there to be selected
  • slaine
    Elegant room will than standard room good many, actually only poor 30 yuan, also than select elegant room, see in they of service Shang, I to they 5 points, hardware is kind of old has, see of out business also good, because hotel of price also is is high of, 300 within also sent 2 early, to Zhongshan Road eat a bowl sand tea surface are to 29 Yuan has, hotel around has many barbecue shop, for I this foodie, is too good has, front desk girl recommended has many delicious of to I Ah, they side Shang ofSpecial sachet, don't think he's a small store, a landmark, bags of delicious really, it is not expensive!
  • fangfangxie
    How do you say, small room, soundproofing is poor, but the location is good, eating around easily.
  • sunny7et3
    Hotel clean, breakfast great! good good good! the only drawback is that the Windows are Windows, high cost performance, recommend ... ...
  • anna_ding
    Good hotels next to stay
  • imageinfo
    Well, a little expensive!
  • casibo
    Very noisy outside the hotel, a good night's sleep, the bed was soft, a personal preference, but actually is smaller than the picture a lot. value is relatively low, breakfast was good, many kinds. but the location is good
  • mendylin
    Hotel is very user friendly, free pick-up reservation is very convenient, good sanitation, facilities is also very good, the room spacious and warm and there's a family feeling, weilushi liquid was also ready for visitors?, surrounding food and clothing shop a lot, very convenient, next to Xiamen will stay.
  • BrucePang
    Very good convenient location close to the East railway station is shopping around a full breakfast is available at the hotel room is not big enough and the staff were very friendly
  • e00000047
    Disadvantages: road noise! advantages: cheap, convenient transportation, invoice, service attitude is good! special tip: If you want to dock, Xiamen University over there, be sure to ride to the eye hospital station! (Download map of Xiamen)
  • gmy131
    Very uncomfortable, very satisfied!
  • gm6004
    Location very good
  • Sunsurnam
    Good, convenient, can also free luggage storage bag, recommendation-
  • baoliang1319
    Good, good location, good service, cheaper prices, public transportation, convenient to attractions, recommend it!
  • ndi96
    Room very small, facilities, location, going out is somebody else recommended seafood stalls! breakfast is really very small, pretty good service, very polite!
  • summer_ye0523
    Suitable for travel, the window is false